Micro Press + Youth Serum

Does the Micro Press hurt?

What is in the Micro Press?

How often do I need to Micro Press?

Why do I need to Micro Press?

What are the expected results?

How is the Micro Press different than a derma roller?

Can you use on acne skin?

Can I resuse this device?

This looks complicated, how do I use it?

After I Micro Press, it leaves a white coating on the skin, is this normal?

What if my skin feels itchy after I’ve Micro Pressed?

Edible Youth Serum

When is the best time to take it the Edible Youth Serum?

Why does it need to be refrigerated the Edible Youth Serum?

Why do you have to take the Edible Youth Serum within 90 days?

What are the expected results for the Edible Youth Serum?

Is the Edible Youth Serum packaging recyclable?