Micro Press + Youth Serum

q. Does the Micro Press hurt?

a. The needles don't hurt at all but our bioavailable Vit C will give you a little bit of a stinging sensation--but it's a good thing--it means it's working!
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q. What is in the Micro Press? 

a. The Micro Press contains Astragalus, Organic Vitamin C and Japanese Pearl and liquefied with our Youth Serum filled with Organic Bulgarian Rose Water and Olive Oil from the Monastery at Ile Saint Honorat. 

q. How often do I need to Micro Press?

a. For best results, once per week. Ideally order 4 per month is the way to go!

q. Why do I need to Micro Press?

a. The promise of skin so luminous, you won't need that Instafilter.
q. What are the expected results?
a. You will see immediate brightening and your collagen will begin building within 30 days. 
q. How is the Micro Press different than a derma roller?
a. Derma rollers tear the skin like scissors while the Micro Press punctures precisely at a controlled depth. In addition the Micro Press is prefilled with active ingredients that fill the injection site with skin building ingredients. 
q. Can you use on acne skin?
a. It is not recommended for acne skin. Please avoid if skin is sensitive or irritated. 
q. Can I resuse this device?
a. No, this is a one and done treatment. Please dispose after using it (it's all recyclable!). 
q. This looks complicated, how do I use it? 
a. Please see "How to Micro Press" in the menu bar. 

Edible Youth Serum

q. When is the best time to take it?
a. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 
q. Why does it need to be refrigerated?
a. Because we use zero preservatives, keeping it in the refrigerator is best to preserve the integrity of the active ingredients.
q. Why do you have to take it within 90 days?
a. These potent serums are made fresh without preservatives so the powerful nutrients are most effective within 3 months.
q. What are the expected results?
a. Within two weeks, skin feels lifted and luminous. By day 30, fine lines are also softened.
q. Is the packaging recyclable?
a. The box is recyclable while the glass vials are upcyclable (we love to use our glass vials to fill with powders and oils for travel).