Ingredient Philosophy

It all started with a honey bee

We were crushed to learn you couldn’t trust the labels on those artesian amber bottles 

We started to dig and dig dig

Did you know that so many of the ingredient blah blah facts

Quality control is not consistent 

We fully own our compulsive tendencies to be control freaks, we are on the assembly line when our syringes are being manufactured to make sure Everything is sterilized and we partner with the top Ayurvedic hospitals in Nepal and the biodynamic farms in Mexico to cultivate and hand batch in Los Angeles 

Did you know that most HA is synthetic 

Did you know we utilize the best of ancient traditions Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine, one more and apply it to the latest research in anti aging 

Energy and intention behind each ingredient ultimately affects the efficacy of the formula and outcome of not only your skin but how you experience your world