Edible Youth Serum
Edible Youth Serum

Edible Youth Serum

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Utilizing science and holistic medicine, Saint Skin has developed the first skincare that works from the inside out. Backed by science, our Edible Youth Serum™ contains a patented hydrolyzed collagen that has such a low molecular weight, it assimilates with your saliva the moment it touches your mouth. This ensures that the collagen goes directly to the bloodstream and to the skin where it’s meant to perform. Our non-synthetic hyaluronic acid coupled with the highest anti-oxidant ingredients known to man is all the alchemy you need to REVOLUTIONIZE. YOUR. SKIN.

Ingredients: Reiki  and Crystal infused formula:  Nano  French Marine Collagen, naturally occurring  Hyaluronic  Acid, Manuka Honey, Organic Lemon, Ellagic Acid, Trans-E-Viniferin (sourced from grapevines), Japanese Pearl, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Beet Root Extract. 
Crafted by hand. 

Dosage: Take one vial by mouth per day. Do not mix with protein. Over 40 years-old, take two vials. Each box contains a two-week supply.

*Upon receiving best if placed in the refrigerator
*Each product is made in small batches in our private sanctuary for maximum potency. Please allow for product irregularities and settling as these are made by hand with zero preservatives